Modern Slavery Act Statement

Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement for period of 31 st March 2021 – 31st March 2022 Vospers Motor House Ltd

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 (Part 6) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (Act) and sets out the steps that Vospers Motor House Ltd has taken during the previous financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not operating within our business or supply chains.

This statement has been approved by the Board of Directors, and signed by Peter Vosper, Chairman.

Company Overview

Vospers Motor House has been trading as a motor business since 1946, and remains a family owned business, maintaining its position as one of the top 100 motor dealers in Great Britain.

Today the Vospers Group has a turnover approaching £250 million, and consists of 11 separate sites across Devon & Cornwall offering vehicle sales and aftercare to its customers throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Vospers continued development reflects its loyalty to both customer and employee satisfaction. The Company is recognised as a leading employer in Devon and Cornwall and has won many prestigious awards for its outstanding commitment to customer care in the world of automotive retailing.

Vospers also has a long and distinguished history in supporting the local communities of Devon and Cornwall, including support and sponsorship of local sports teams, charities and other very worthwhile causes.

Vospers Core Values and Principles

Vospers Core Values and Mission Statement provide a set of standards to ensure employees are upholding the highest level of ethical standards and conduct in their day-to-day business.

Vospers strives to ensure that it does not contribute towards adverse human rights impacts through our supply chains with our franchise partners, and there is an on-going commitment to engage only those suppliers that uphold the same principles as Vospers.

In the event that any of our suppliers fail to take steps to cease or prevent adverse human rights impacts, Vospers will consider its business relationship with those suppliers.

Supply Chain Management

Vospers works in alliance with an independent network of franchise dealers throughout the United Kingdom. Whilst these dealerships are neither owned nor controlled by Vospers Motor House Ltd, it remains an important requirement that they operate to the same anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking principles applied by Vospers in relation to its own business and to that of its supply chain.

In all of its dealings with those suppliers and manufacturers it strives to ensure that the highest ethical standards are reached at all times by undertaking due diligence and highlighting any areas of concern.

Review of Internal Policies & Procedures

A review of our Core Values Philosophy, Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy and Whistleblowing Policies will continue to ensure their relevance and compliance with the Act.

Vospers recognises the importance of enabling employees to speak out if they feel a malpractice is taking place, and will continue to monitor both policies, and will update them as required.

Recruitment Processes have appropriate checks to ensure eligibility of prospective employees to work in the UK, and are subject to pre-employment checking processes appropriate to their role.

Continued Commitment

Vospers recognises the importance of maintaining constant vigilance to identify and address any impact associated with slavery and human trafficking throughout its business and supply chains, and will continue to enhance its ability to identify and prevent any actual or potential breach of the Modern Slavery Act.

Whilst the company has not received particular concerns in relation to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, all and any concerns that may be raised will be subject to stringent investigation by the company.

Managers across the business receive training updates to ensure they are able to manage their teams appropriately, and identify where concerns may arise.

Monitoring Programme

Vospers will continue to monitor our recruitment practices, employee engagement and supplier relationships to ensure any such risks are minimised and contained.

I, Peter Vosper hereby certify that the information contained in the above statement is both factual and has been approved by Vospers Board of Directors.

Name: Mr Peter Vosper

Position: Chairman

Date:11th February 2021